Cover to Cover

Last night, I finished an endeavor I started in March, and it’s something I’ve never done before: I read the Bible from cover to cover. Before going to bed, I finished that last chapter and last word, which is literally, Amen.

In my life and seminary training, I had read most parts of all books of the Bible. But I’ve never gone cover to cover. And I’m glad I did. The experience was likely what you’d expect. Some parts moved me deeply. Some parts were disturbing. Some parts were confusing. Some parts were intriguing. Some parts were inspiring. And… I also need you to know that some parts were so funny. The Bible has a lot of funny one liners! These texts have brilliance on lots of levels.

And as I read the Gospels in particular, I found myself inspired by them and these teachings. To so many public leaders who claim Christianity but primarily teach exclusion and domination, rooted in white supremacy and wealth, I thought, “Um…. have you all read this any time recently?”

You cannot read the Bible without seeing its vast core as a justice and inclusion project.

I’m glad I’ve experienced that.

Renee Roederer

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