Dare to Take Heart

Image Description: Two directional arrows — one toward Hope and the other toward Despair. Public Domain Image.

In the midst of pain — our own or that of the world around us – it can sometimes seem downright foolish to let ourselves become hopeful. It can even be risky —

What if things never get better than this?

What if the next catastrophe still happens?

What if I look like a fool?

Hope takes risk, I suppose. Hope certainly doesn’t put us in control. Hope might invite us to desire things that in the end, we do not get to see.

But hope also has a way of creating things – things that could barely be imagined before. Hope helps our imagination become alive, and from there, when we envision other possibilities, we soon discover that we are called to participate in their creation. Hope leads us somewhere.

And so, in the midst of it all — whatever it is for you; whatever it is for the world — what might it look like to dare to take heart?

Renee Roederer

One thought on “Dare to Take Heart

  1. Wow,Renee’ — I often try to comment on the blog but rarely remember my credentials.

    This is SO gorgeous, and so needed today. Got another body blow from Cara, more and more concerned about her.

    Also went to Whole Foods to do an Amazon return — and found a LIVE mini cypress tree with battery operated fairy lights and decorations to put on. Took it to Tom’s and worked on it “together.”

    Came home and read your question about daring to take heart.

    It hit the bullseye.

    God bless you, Renee’ Roederer.

    Happy singing hallelujah! I need to listen to that in total. I think I will, this week. What artist do you recommend?

    Much love, Marcia

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