Mundane Yet Significant Celebrations

Applause, Wikimedia Commons

I went to see someone perform in a play over weekend (Side note: The Game’s Afoot! is a fun show). It was held in a large room in a church, and there were tables with seating, as opposed to seeing the show in a theatre with seats facing forward. This gave the experience a lovely community feel.

During intermission, there was a raffle, but before one of the theatre leaders chose a person to draw out a winning ticket, he said,

“Does anyone here have a celebration?”

I expected people to mention birthdays, anniversaries, or news of new opportunities.

But one of the women seated at my same table said, “Friendship!” and held up her friend’s hand. Everyone applauded.

I love that she just spontaneously decided to celebrate their friendship — a mundane but very significant celebration. Makes me want to pay attention to these things too.

Yes to daily, mundane, yet highly significant celebrations.

Renee Roederer

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