Bound Together in Long-Awaited Dreams


We are bound together in long-awaited dreams.

And when we know it — when we’re truly aware of it — it is an incredible gift. Late last night, so many people around the nation were glued to their television sets. With baited breath, we watched two phenomenal teams play ten innings of baseball. As that tremendous game came to a close, we watched the Chicago Cubs win the World Series.

The Cubs!
Won the World Series!

It took 108 years. I have never been a big baseball fan, but some of my friends have been rooting for the Cubs their entire lives. This is truly a dream come true. In the midst of a contentious election season, it was refreshing to know that so many people across the nation were reveling in an opportunity to watch their friends’ dreams become a reality. Even Cleveland fans are expressing gratitude today for such a wonderful World Series.

Last night, their dreams became our dreams, and today, we celebrate.

We are bound together in long-awaited dreams. 

And when we know it — when we’re truly aware of it — it is an incredible gift. A few weeks ago, I heard a story on the Moth Radio Hour, and it is now my very favorite from their series. Documentary filmmaker Arthur Bradley tells a story about his long time friend Ron Simonsen. If you have time to listen to this in full, I cannot recommend it enough. At least save it for now, so you can listen later.

The Quest for Chad 

Arthur met Ron when he worked at a camp for adults with disabilities. Ron was a playful and personable camper who had cerebral palsy and autism. As a child, Ron had spent a lot of time in hospitals where he watched tv shows from the seventies. He admired stars he saw during those years; as an adult, he had an obsession with those television shows and the actors that made them possible. Above all, Ron absolutely loved Chad Everett, the actor who played Dr. Joe Gannon on CBS’ drama Medical Center. More than anything in the world, Ron Simonsen wanted to meet Chad Everett.

In addition to working at the camp, Arthur Bradley was a budding documentary maker. He took a trip to California with Ron and four other adults with disabilities so that they could pursue some of their dreams. As a part of his film, Arthur worked hard to arrange a meeting with Chad Everett, but it never materialized. Despite this, the film captured a quest that was meaningful and endearing in itself as Ron chased after his goal, which he always called “his biggest dream.”

But wonderfully, after the film was made, it eventually made it into Chad Everett’s hands, and he reached out himself to meet Ron Simonsen. As Arthur told the story on the Moth Radio Hour, (again, you must listen to it!) he shares the glorious moment when Ron and Chad met for the very first time. When Ron first spotted Chad, he ran to him, something that was remarkably difficult due to his disability. Arthur said that his own heart was beating so fast with excitement. Later, he realized that Ron’s “biggest dream” of meeting Chad Everett had truly become his own.

We are bound together in long-awaited dreams.

And when we know it — when we’re truly aware of it — it is an incredible gift.

Now watch this video of Ron meeting Chad for the first time. Good luck not crying! You’ll find yourself connected to the emotions of this long-awaited dream.

And P.S. Go Cubs!

Renee Roederer 

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