Lament and Hope


[Photo by Marcia Detrick]

I am grateful to invite Marcia Detrick to be a Guest Blogger on Smuggling Grace today. Last week in a mutual group, she shared some words about lament and hope. I thought they were helpful and asked if I could publish them here.

How are lament and hope resonating in your life right now? Feel free to leave us a comment.

Lament and hope are not opposites. Nor are they mutually exclusive.

In my heart and life, lament and hope often co-exist very peacefully as friendly companions to one another.

There may be pressure to accelerate our grieving, and to put boundaries around our lament.

But my lament is grounded in hope, in a belief that the world could be better, should be better, and has the real potential to actually become better.  

The shared lament of others over the last few days has brought me great comfort and great hope.

If ever we stop lamenting evil, all hope will truly be lost.

Marcia Detrick is a wife to one, a mother to two, a mother-in-law to two, and a grandmother to three (the youngest of which will arrive into the world of breathing humans in the next week or so.)   She has the heart of a contemplative and some of her favorite things are morning glories, pink sunrises, neon sunsets, and baby’s giggles.  Her favorite hobby is friendship, especially one-on-one-anything-but-superficial conversation over a warm beverage.


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