I Really Love Choral Singing

Yesterday, I wrote that my well was feeling dry.

I found myself desiring to connect with community, nature, art, or music to gain greater inspiration. Last night, I had an opportunity for this in a dress rehearsal, and afterward, I felt deep gratitude. Tonight, Ian and I are joining the UMS Choral Union, the Toledo Symphony, and four talented soloists in performing Beethoven’s Missa Solemnis. It’s an incredible piece of music.

I love the range of emotion in it. At times, the Missa Solemnis soars with joy and praise. In other moments, the text asks for peace, and you can hear the music express ambivalence. . . Is peace really possible? Or, is peace without justice ever really peace? 

The music evokes all those exclamations and questions. 

Choral singing is pretty great when you think about it. People breathe together and use their voices to express sound and emotion. Singers convey texts and weave harmonies. In many cases, performers bridge time as they connect with music composed centuries ago and make it present.

It’s pretty neato.

So I encourage people to find outlets that uplift bodies, emotions, and possibilities. If we can’t dream, we can’t easily create change.

If we can dream and connect with people in our own exclamations and questions, we initiate one form of change right in the moment.

Renee Roederer

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