I Need This Pilgrimage


Later today, I’m hopping on a plane and traveling solo to Texas for the weekend. I’m really grateful to go there.  I’ve decided to view this as a pilgrimage of sorts. This time will be meaningful, and this framework for the visit will be helpful.

I’m flying into San Antonio. A very beloved person in my life is getting married on Saturday, and I’ll have the opportunity to spend time with a number of additional beloved people. It’s really a gift.

Even though I won’t be able to see everyone from my Texas community, I will certainly have the occasion to feel connected to them. We lived in Austin for five of our young adult years.  I still feel amazed at the sheer number of formative relationships that were a part of those years. These are the kinds of people I’ve been in relationship with for more than a decade as we moved across the country to California and Michigan, and as those people themselves moved to a multitude of other places. These are the kinds of bonds that have lasted and deepened over time.

I recognize it’s a real privilege to even be able to travel right now. Whether we can do that physically or not, I hope we can channel the formative and sustaining relationships that have shaped us. I hope these kinds of relationships can give us grounding, strength, and meaning.

I wonder, what it would look like if we invited ourselves on a pilgrimage through our relationships this weekend? If we called. . . if we recalled. . .

. . . If we felt called into the kind of love that sustains us and will sustain others?

Renee Roederer

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