I’d like to share a bit with you about a young person named Bresha Meadows. Bresha is 15 years old and a survivor of longstanding, domestic violence. After protecting herself and her family from the abuse of her father, she faced a charge of aggravated murder. She has been imprisoned for the last nine months. She endured a great deal of trauma both before and after going to prison. Before that awful night, she attempted to run away from the house multiple times but was always returned. Her aunt filed with Child Protective Services, but nothing came of it. Meanwhile, her father regularly harmed her mother with physical violence and was routinely threatening to kill the whole family.

She is a child. Activists around the country are joining together to call for her release, believing that she needs care and support rather than incarceration. Her case has spotlighted the ways that domestic survivors are often punished for defending themselves, particularly black women and girls.

I’d like to invite you to read more about her story here: Free Bresha Meadows.

CAWS (Collective Against White Supremacy), a group in Ann Arbor with which I organize, is reaching out to friends and neighbors in order invite others to a social media action. If you’d like to participate, please join us.

Today, Bresha Meadows will be in court again for another, and possibly final, hearing. To show support, at or before 7:30am EDT (though if you see this later, or if you live in a part of a country that is still sleeping, later is certainly fine) people are invited to. . .

1) Sign the petition calling for her release.

2) “Check-in” on FB Monday, May 22 at 7:30am to the Trumbull County Family Court where Bresha is being held for a hearing. In this post, include a poem, song lyric, mantra, or call by a Black woman or girl with the hashtags #FreeBresha and #DecriminalizeSurvival. We take this action in solidarity with the Free Bresha Campaign, Black Girl Altar Project, and Love Poems for Bresha.

This effort is part of a Participatory Defense Campaign. If you want to learn about this organizing approach, please read this tremendous article by Mariame Kaba:

Free Us All

Thanks for reading this and learning more.

Renee Roederer

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