Remember When the World Was So Much Bigger?

Remember when the world was so much bigger than we are?

A couple days ago, I sat on some bleachers next to a softball field, watching my partner Ian play a game with his team, Ten Guys Named Roy (which is a fabulous team name; no one is named Roy!)

A little friend sat with me. He was mesmerized by the players, and though he is preschool age, he paid attention pretty consistently while I tended to let my mind wander. Appropriate for his age, he also had a zillion questions.

I don’t want to idealize childhood entirely here. After all, when we’re so small, life is vulnerable and can feel quite scary at times. But in this moment of safety in a routine softball game, this kiddo reminded me of what it was like when the world was so much bigger than us – that it is so very interesting and there for our learning and questioning.

I found myself sad that we sometimes lose this understanding when we age.

But isn’t it still true? Isn’t the world so much bigger than us? Interesting and ready to receive our questioning?

I think so.

This little friend challenged me to try to recapture that posture and approach to life even as an adult. I’m working to be more present. I want to pay attention and marvel more, including at the small, daily things.

There are indeed stressors and injustices these days. These should not be dismissed or denied. There is an abysmal news cycle right now too.

But in the midst of these challenges, thank goodness, there are also relationships. There are also hopeful actions of vision, creative change, purpose, connection, and care.

There’s a big world even in our daily, routine life. It’s all worth our attention.

So in the stress and in the wonder, we have a big world. It’s worth our solidarity. It’s worth our marveling.

Renee Roederer

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