[Image Description: Three, thin carvings of wood are shaped like hearts. They each have a hole at the top with wire coming through the hole. They are hanging by wire from a structure (unseen).]

This year, some of the former students I’ve mentored have started mentoring others. And recently, a number of Michigan students and alums were offered opportunities that will invite them to do that soon. They’re just on the verge of it, and as they’ve shared this with me, this has turned into some meaningful conversations about what mentoring is like.

It’s really gratifying to watch this happen.

It’s so lovely to ponder how new people will be impacted meaningfully by the presence of these wonderful people I know. But my favorite part in all of this is considering how much these wonderful people I know are about to be impacted meaningfully by the people they mentor.

I mean, I should know.

Renee Roederer

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