And… Another Announcement!

epilepsy foundation

[Image Description: The purple and red logo of the Epilepsy Foundation is on the left. Then, to the right, the text reads, “Epilepsy Foundation Michigan.”]

I am so thrilled to share this.

Recently, I sent out an announcement post, sharing that Dwight Wilson and I are becoming the next Co-Directors of the Interfaith Roundtable of Washtenaw County. We are so eager to join this organization and interfaith dialogue community. We begin this part-time position on June 17.

And… I’ve also been sitting on an additional announcement. I have another meaningful piece of good news to share:

Today, I begin work at the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan.

I will be serving in a contract work position as the Helpline Support Consultant. In this role, I’ll receive phone calls from people with epilepsy and their families around the state. People often have questions about their diagnosis and treatment, opportunities for resources and support, and inquiries for public advocacy and education. I will connect people to community members, professionals, and educational resources, and I will provide emotional support. I’ll also facilitate a call-in support group once per week.

I’ll be working in the Epilepsy Foundation office in Southfield on Mondays and will facilitate that support group mid-week. I begin training today and start formally in this role on Monday.

It is very meaningful for me to do this work. I grew up with a childhood form of epilepsy that often goes into remission in adolescence. Though that became true for me years ago, this experience was very formative, shaping how I view community, relationships, and social care. I am grateful to provide from my experience as I come alongside others to hear and honor their own unique experiences.

I am eager to begin this new direction today. I feel joy about it!

And this is very much on my mind as well: I am so fortunate to come alongside an incredible staff team at the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan. I have hardly ever seen a staff with this level of teamwork! This teamwork emerges in the passion and commitment for the organization’s mission — and of course, keeps bolstering that vision — and it leads to support, camaraderie, and celebration for members of the team.

It is a month of newness! To summarize, with gratitude, I’m continuing to work as a Community Chaplain and as the organizer of the Michigan Nones and Dones community. But I am moving that work to half time as I make space for these two new opportunities.

Here we go!

Renee Roederer


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