I Need Pentecost


[Image Description: An image from the Pentecost service at First Presbyterian Church of Ann Arbor. The photo is taken from the back of a sanctuary. People are sitting in pews. A minister is standing in front of the congregation, wearing red, and two large pieces of red cloth are hanging from the ceiling. They cross each other at the front of the sanctuary, like an x, and stretch toward the back of the sanctuary. Stained glass windows are on both sides of the image along the walls. Behind the minister, people are sitting in a chancel, and behind them, there is a cross on the wall in the center with blue cloth behind it.]

I need Pentecost this year.

I need to believe that surprises are possible.

I need to believe that empowerment — even sudden, unexpected empowerment — is possible.

I need to believe that we can understand one another across differences, and that differences and particularity provide gifts of understanding.

I need to believe that we can share our experiences of love, and that we can be emboldened to testify to what we’ve received.

I need to believe that small groups of people can change the world. Like, really change the world.

I need the season of Pentecost this year. How about you?

–Renee Roederer

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