A red velvet cupcake with creme cheese icing has ten lit candles in it. The candles are green, red, orange, and purple. The cupcake is setting on a light blue table with a light blue wall in the background.
Public Domain Image.

I love birthdays.

I love my birthday. I love your birthday. I love everyone’s birthdays. I love all of them. I love them more than holidays.

It’s just really wonderful that we humans have this longstanding tradition so that each person has a day on the calendar for connection, surprises, gratitude, and appreciation. I sincerely love that we have all of these rituals for the day a person is born.

Yesterday was my birthday, and you guessed it: I loved it.

I can’t say it was the most eventful one I’ve ever had. Though my symptoms have subsided, I was in Covid isolation for the day.

But three people stopped by to bring me treats. (Grateful!)

And I heard from so many loved ones. This is the thing I love about birthdays in our current era: Social media becomes a place of shoutouts, and people from all the various chapters of your life become this assembly of connection. I was very grateful to receive from that yesterday.

Since my birthday is right at the beginning of the year, I think I can say confidently with anticipation,

You’re next!

Renee Roederer

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