Beware of Playing Trivia with Strangers

A game called "Family Trivia." This image is of the cards. They are yellow, red, orange, or purple on one side, with trivia questions on the other side.
I found this image and game for purchase here:

Beware of playing trivia with strangers.

Because once you’ve chosen a goal of having people time every day, but you’re in COVID isolation, you’ll find a Meetup group that’s plays Trivia over Zoom, and you will register. And then you’ll get on a screen with “Ann Arbor Adventurers,” and they’ll all know each other, but you’ll be new. (They’ll also welcome you kindly).

And then, as soon as you get to the very first question, you’ll hear this prompt:

“What kind of document was created in the 1920s by the League of Nations, and every nation today uses it?”

And you’ll think, well… the timing doesn’t seem right, but I’ll go ahead and say,

“Geneva Convention,”

but every single other human on the screen will say,


And they’ll be right. And you will have said Geneva Convention.



Renee Roederer

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