The Light is in the Questions

Several pine trees are grouped together to the right side of the image. The left side of the image is a blue sky with clouds. The light of the sun is shining through the branches of the pine trees.
Photo by Renee Roederer

We gathered on the Zoom screen and sat in silence. I joined the community from my kitchen table. One of the Zoom squares showed people in person as well. They were gathered in the meeting room of the Ann Arbor Friends Meeting.

Worship began, and we were all quiet for at least ten minutes.

Then someone read the queries for the day. We sat quietly as reflection questions washed over us. These were questions about about spiritual practice.

Often Quakers will pray by saying, “We hold this person in the light.” We can also hold ourselves and each other in questions. The light is in the questions. One of my loved ones often says, “If you find yourself feeling stuck, ask a new question.”

If we ask a new question, we open ourselves to possibilities – creative pathways and new angles for relating.

The light is in the questions.

Renee Roederer

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