Our Birthday

A green birthday cake with green sprinkles. There are 5 green, lit candles.
Birthday Cake, iStockPhotos. Creator: Ruth Black

Over the weekend, I enjoyed the occasion to witness a spontaneous moment of personal sharing and gratitude.

Michigan Nones and Dones met over Zoom, and we celebrated our 6th birthday. As we often say, Michigan Nones and Dones is “a community for people who are spiritually curious and institutionally suspicious.” This community has been meeting for six years to experience care and explore spirituality through a community of friendships in Southeast Michigan. Participants include those who are religiously unaffiliated (the Nones), those who have left established forms of institutional churches (the Dones), and those who remain connected to particular faith traditions but seek new, emerging visions for their expression. After six years, even though those words are in our group title, a lot of those particulars have fallen away, and we’re just a community of people who support each other’s growth and celebrate our connection together.

The spontaneous moment I witnessed involved a round of wishing Michigan Nones and Dones a Happy Birthday as if it was the guest of honor, sitting at a kitchen table. What would we tell it collectively? What gratitudes would we share?

It was so lovely.

And so I pass that along to you today, but with your own communities. If you could imagine that community taking up a seat at your table, how might you wish it well? What a gratitudes would you share?

Renee Roederer

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